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By: Keith Kennedy

It is one thing to talk the talk. It is another for one to walk the walk. For the Sunshine State representative FLORIDA J, a consistent underdog, he understands this concept well so he feels no choice but to always show and prove.

To show and prove is a concept very familiar with FLORIDA J, one in which he accepts the challenge willingly. “To show and prove means there is no talk, just action,” FLORIDA J explains. To that end, FLORIDA J has extensive experience in the realms of creation and distribution of mixtapes, club DJing, song recording and engineering, TV show hosting and producing, event planning, and consulting. Not to mention he has worked with multi-platinum artists such as Thrill Da Playa (69 Boyz, Homebass Recordings); legends including Uncle Head (Splack Pack); and the next wave of talent including Blood Raw (artist, CTE/CEO, BRE), Tay Dizm (artist, Nappy Boy Ent.), Young Cash (artist, Nappy Boy Ent.), Shawn Jay (Field Mob), Ole-E (producer/artist, TrapTrakz), and Chaos of Grind Mode (“I’m So High”).

FLORIDA J’s talents were so highly regarded that he once was a spearhead in the Gatekeepers movement created by C. Wakeley. Expounding, FLORIDA J mentions, “the Gatekeepers is a coalition of record breakers in general including DJs, magazine owners, photographers, promoters, graphic designers, and more designed to break artist, not just records.”

Today, FLORIDA J has focused his extraordinary energies into helping artists show and prove with customized packages designed to bolster their movements. “With the Show & Prove Package, I evaluate the project with the artist to evaluate their goals and issues. From there, we put a plan into effect that maximizes their potential,” FLORIDA J pronounces.

Plus, FLORIDA J’s website work is exceptional. He opines, “just as someone picks the car they want to drive, they pick the website they want to use. So, it has to be very interesting, eye catching, easy to use and fresh.” To this end, his services have been enlisted by clients such as Blood Raw Entertainment to run promotions, marketing, PR, in addition to designing and maintaining their homepage, www.RawNewz.tv

At the end of the day, the best way to show and prove, according to FLORIDA J is to “stay positive and be in charge of your own movement while making money. Just make sure you pay your taxes.” With ideals such as these, it is no wonder how FLORIDA J will always show and prove.

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