Florida J: Vibe Wit’cha Boy
— Keith Kennedy (@KeithK926)

The state of Florida has built a reputation for being different, having strong creative energy paired with a sunny disposition. FLORIDA J is the perfect embodiment of that spirit.  

Hailing from the Northwest Florida region, FLORIDA J began his illustrious career in the early 90’s by creating Down South Records later known as $traight 2 Gold, Inc. “My goal was to provide independent talent an outlet with no restraints and no restrictions that paid artists fairly.” FLORIDA J would continue this free spirit mentality as he took to the highways and visited each market with “tapes in my backpack and consistently getting in everyone’s faces at all the events.” The positive benefit was now FLORIDA J created a network throughout the state that supported his artists and label.

As he evolved, FLORIDA J realized that the network he built was invaluable so he created a pipeline for other artists as a promoter while becoming a GateKeeper for talent in the Sunshine State. “I was providing for others what I was doing myself. It allowed me to work with who I wanted, how I wanted.” This freedom allowed FLORIDA J to build connections with other Florida legends such as Thrill Da Playa (69 Boyz, 35 million units sold), TJ Chapman (CEO, TJs DJs & Mgr. BoB, Trap Beckham), C. Wakeley (Founder, Gatekeepers, Mgr. BloodRaw) and so many more. When it comes to building these solid connections, FLORIDA J opines “it’s about building meaningful relationships. Everything goes so quick, but the memories last.”

Now, FLORIDA J has turned inward to deliver his own creative talents to the musical stage. “I have a new project with me as an artist.” “Ready For Whatever: The Re-Up” is mixed by DJ TechNasty and hosted by DJ Chuck T. The lead single “Smoke E’ryday” is already gaining traction and the project features a slew of high quality guest appearances including BloodRaw, Big Rube of the Dungeon Family, Playboy Tre, Homebwoi, Mr. Bones and so many others.

Why become an artist? FLORIDA J responds passionately, “I put my heart into this.  This is my passion, my life, my blood. It’s in me.” Plus the positive feedback “is priceless!” The key however, “is to stay consistent, stay focused and never let anyone deter you from your dreams.”

For a lifetime, FLORIDA J has incorporated the right attitude, cultivated the right connections, and now he has created the right music to shine like the sun. All that’s left is for you to come vibe wit’cha boy!

Connect with FLORIDA J at 850.598.FLAJ (3525) or FloridaJ.com or @floridaj850 across all social networking platforms.